Dominions 4 Pantokrators
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Author:  NecroMage [ Fri Mar 11, 2016 8:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Dominions 4 Pantokrators

Necropolis: The Father of Death, Forge Lord, ruler of LA Agartha, played by NecroMage

Crimes Against God: The End of Evangelion, Fountain of Blood, ruler of EA Marverni, played by NecroMage

Middle Management: Despair, Demilich, ruler of MA Nazca, played by Raiel

Later Days: Drax (in 2000), Wyrm, ruler of LA Atlantis, played by Flypaper

Early Access: Thespeia, Oracle, ruler of EA T'ien Ch'i, played by Raiel

Midsummer Nights: NecroMage's Head Assistant, Demilich, ruler of MA Ermor, played by NecroMage

Late Arrivals: Bitcharella, Great Enchantress, ruler of LA Lemuria, played by itwastuesday

Early Birds: Stalagtight, Oracle, ruler of EA Xibalba, played by dirkgently

NeoGenesis: James Earl Jones, Earth Serpent, ruler of MA Marignon, played by Itwastuesday

Last Ascension: Rex, Hound of Hades, ruler of LA Lemuria, played by BandC

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