Last Ascension
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Author:  NecroMage [ Sun Sep 24, 2017 5:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Last Ascension

Greetings friends. With Dominions 5 announced, I have declared that the current generation of Necropolis games will be the last games played of Dominions 4 before the Necropolis makes the switch. There's an Early Age game about to end and a Middle Age game in progress, so it seems fitting to end with a game in the final age, a time of apocalypse, madness and blood.

The game is now live: ... tAscension

Players: 9
Era: LA
Diplomacy: Non-binding; Words are wind.
Trade: Binding. Because otherwise nobody would use trade.
Map: This one
Mods: Latest version of Worthy Heroes
Settings- Standard for the era, except as noted below:
Score Graphs: Off
HOF: 15
Renaming: Enabled
Story events off
Thrones: 9 Level 2 Thrones, 10/18 points to win.


1. NecroMage- R'lyeh
2. Fubbychucker- Midgard
3. itwastuesday- Ulm
4. cerevox- T'ien Ch'i
5. ExasperatedCultist- Abysia
6. BandC- Lemuria
7. Paul Mua-dib- Ragha
8. Unimaginable23- Atlantis
9. voydx- Xibalba

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