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 Topic review - Custom Stellaris Races 
Author Message

Reply with quote Post Posted: Mon Jul 04, 2016 4:13 am
Re: Custom Stellaris Races
To create the race description, you have to find the "species name" tab in the race creation screen on the top left. When you are there, you can click and edit the biography window to add the race description.

I played asimov stellaris and it really clicked for me. Really fun - between larger ship types being useful in combat, more difficult (energy/tech) economy, ethics management, influence management, and new treaty types (tributary is most interesting imho), the mid-game feels much more fleshed out and fun.

Still, I find it difficult to complete a full playthrough until they work on sectors more.

Reply with quote Post Posted: Fri Jul 01, 2016 6:33 am
Re: Custom Stellaris Races
Only needing to dip into collectivist ethos to get 100% slavery tolerance is the absolute greatest.

Also it said a patch ago that you can now add a lore blurb to races you make but I have yet to figure out how.

Reply with quote Post Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2016 9:47 pm
Re: Custom Stellaris Races
Any thoughts on the new 1.0.2 beta changes? I noticed some balance changes with regards to ethics, government types, and slavery.

Militarists seems significantly better, now that it boosts damage (even naval it seems). Slaves can now revolt. Plutocratic Oligarchy seems awesome now, +5% empire energy, minerals, and -25% mining station costs! I'm still in the process of checking out all the changes myself.

Reply with quote Post Posted: Sat Jun 04, 2016 5:21 pm
Re: Custom Stellaris Races
Don't forgot that militarist ethics gives a global increased chance for military techs. Haven't studied the amount, but anecdotally I've never cursed the random techs for missing point defense or a 2nd weapon type when I had at least militarist; when I was anything else I found that I had to too often rely on researching debris to get point defense or 2nd weapon type.

Reply with quote Post Posted: Sat Jun 04, 2016 3:47 am
Re: Custom Stellaris Races
I ended up basing my ethos primarily on which policies I wanted. I've been playing as the swarm race I made and while I doubt it's the absolute strongest option, I do enjoy the 150% mineral output my population gives me, especially early game. My first few colonies fly out compared to other races I've tried.

Now that militarism doesn't have the influence boost I'm not sure it's worth taking anymore as collectivists though. The only thing it really let me do was use full bombardment, and I can just happyshackle or purge anyone I would want to eradicate from orbit. I might swap in materialism to better use robots later in the game, but I'm waiting to see what changes happen regarding slavery mechanics before I delve back into optimizing my player race instead of making goofy space parrots called the Spiff.

Reply with quote Post Posted: Fri Jun 03, 2016 4:36 pm
Re: Custom Stellaris Races
So I haven't played Stellaris too much, as they really need to flesh out the mid-game dullness, but I've played several MP games and so I've noted some race creation strategies from a min-max non-RP perspective:

If you're an offensive civilization, you need to be able to either purge or enslave, because you will run across races that you won't be able to satisfy in terms of happiness. In particular, foreign fanatic xenophobic populations can only really be enslaved or purged, they cannot be integrated even with massive happiness and ethics divergence bonuses simply because they have a -40 happiness when part of a foreign empire.

Population, Stations, Traits Bonuses:
In general, trait % bonuses to research, minerals, and energy are weak, because they only apply to your population, not to other populations or stations. Stations often comprise of a large part of your research/minerals/energy, so the % pop bonuses are slightly less useful than seem at first. This also applies to ethics effect on population (such as materialist).

Global Bonuses:
On the other hand, getting global bonuses are great. This is usually done through empire leaders and government types. So the Science Government (forgot name) that gives 5% faster research is just a flat global bonus. There's also a government that gives +5% flat energy and minerals, another solid one. Since you can pick your leaders in the non-autocratic type of governments if you have some spare influence, non-autocratic government types are actually significantly better than they first appear.

Global Edics:
The basic default starting edicts are another way to get flat bonuses that boost research from all sources. Free thought is a good one, but causes ethics divergence. So conformist becomes really good, because you can take the conformist trait, and then go free thought early game for a flat research bonus all across the board.


I'm still eagerly awaiting for the time when the game is more fleshed out. Paradox has a great track record of really continuing to add content to their games for years to come.

Reply with quote Post Posted: Thu May 12, 2016 1:32 am
Custom Stellaris Races
So the fact you can choose to have your custom races spawn as AI factions in games (or even force them to) has led to me spending much of my initial time in Stellaris thinking of neat ideas for races not necessarily for me to play, but just to have exist in the universe. I present to you the fruits of my labour, feel free to play them and let me know how it goes or just populate your games with them as you see fit.

Firstly, I had to make Spess Mehreens:

Sadly there wasn't a real way to represent the Empruh's flowing blonde hair or ensure every leader that spawned was a hulking bald brute, but mechanically the race is 100% spess mehreen. (If I could have given them fanatic xenophobia, fanatic spiritualist and fanatic militant all at once I would have.)

The Blight:

Essentially a sentient manifestation of a destructive mold species, The Blight can live almost anywhere and will happily ensure whatever used to be living there stops being alive.

The Most Serene Doge Republic, Wow:

This race is born of a running joke between Aadoth and I. He would play Venice a lot early on in our Civ 5 multiplayer games, and his dog Prince would bother him periodically for food or to go outside, and I would mimic a silly dog voice and insist Aadoth go to war with the Ottomans or secure more trade routes, eventually leading to the accepted position that Prince was the Doge of Venice. This race is basically a credit-focused super friendly space Venice populated by adorable fennec fox/dog looking creatures. Wow.

The Swarm:

The Swarm is a race I might actually use once I feel more comfortable in the mechanics of the game, depending how slavery ends up working. They're 100% geared towards mineral generation and using slave labour to fund a war machine to conquer worlds full of people to enslave. For The Queen!

The Universal Church of Good Feelings:

The Bwog are an inherantly miserable people. What you see there is the closest thing one of them can make to a smile. Dwelling in the darkened depths of their ocean homes, fractured by wars and differing ideology, the entire species seemed damned to a bleak and sad existence alone among the stars. But from this pandemic misery emerged a powerful philosophy. One that preached of togetherness, cooperation and peace. Bwug quickly discovered that misery was far inferior to the warm feeling this strange philosophy leant to them, and happiness soon became the driving force behind Bwug civilization. Unable to contain their enthusiasm, The Church of Good Feelings has finally made preparations to spread their message of good cheer to the stars.

The Weeaboo Convention:

Hailing from the Glorious Nippon system, these island dwelling molluscs have long yearned to travel into the stars, leaving the society of their unwilling birth and assert themselves into superior, otherworldly societies with which they much more firmly identify. Although able to adapt to hostile environments and easily conform to local customs, their brash demeanor and unflattering appearance typically lead to rejection by their would-be peers, and inherent distaste for their own species results in a lower birth rate than is typical.

The Progenitor's Legacy:

Descendants of a long dead precursor race, The Children of the Progenitor inherited a frigid, almost barren world stripped of resources, ravaged by pollutants and damned to an artificial ice age from which there would be no thaw. The conditions were harsh enough that The Forebearers, having developed in a lush tropical planet, died out completely within generations of the catastrophic climate change. However, The Forebearers were a scientifically capable people, and while unable to escape their planet or reverse the damage their society had caused to it in time, were highly advanced in the field of genetic research. The Progeny were created as a race of sentient individuals who would carry on the legacy of the Forebearers, adapted to withstand the harsh temperatures that were to come.

Their society initially formed from instructions given to the first Progeny in the troubled times of Transition, as well as recorded lessons from the top Forebearer minds that were disseminated throughout Progeny culture, but over time Progeny philosophers rejected many aspects of the society they were designed to carry on as inefficient, irrational or inherently flawed. Cultures splintered, conflicts grew heated and from the cold ashes of forcefully silenced arguments a world government emerged capable of developing the technology and production facilities to see the Children of The Progenitor surpass their creators and escape their world for the stars. While the Progeny carry on the ancient legacy of scientific reasoning that led to their creation, it has been colored with the grim reality that force is absolutely necessary for a society's continued survival against internal and external threats.

This is the faction I've been using to poke around the game while I learn mechanics. I like the pretty laser colours.

The Blorg:

And, of course, I recreated The Blorg Commonality from the Stellaris dev streams. Because I love them and want a hideous Blorg plushie.

Anyone else have any races worth sharing, OR ARE YOU ALL BORING AND WEAK?

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